Mother of Sherman Park shooting victims hailed as a ‘superhero'

Surveillance video shows moments after shooting
Posted at 3:48 PM, Jul 19, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- The mother of two little girls shot in the Sherman Park neighborhood on Tuesday is being hailed as a “superhero” for what she did as the shots rang out.

The 6 and 9-year-old sisters were out playing at 39th and Burleigh Streets, when they were struck by bullets.

"Bullets flying everywhere."

That is how witnesses describe the chaos as two children are caught in the crossfire of a shooting.
The family told TODAY'S TMJ4 the girls were both shot below the waist.
Surveillance video obtained by TODAY'S TMJ4 captured the moments after the shooting. It shows one man running from the gunfire and pointing towards where the shooting happened.

"Through the night, just continuous pain," said family friend Antonio Trussell.
Trussell says he spoke with the girls’ mother Wednesday, who ran outside as soon as she heard the gunshots.
"She actually ran out while shots were still continuing and chasing after her own. She acted like a fast superhero," said Trussell.
The girls’ uncle Angelo Toliver was working under an SUV when the shots rang out and hit his nieces.
His main concern is getting the girls better, and finding who is responsible.
"I'm gonna let my kids and my grandchildren continue to play. I'm not going to take that away from them because of this," Toliver said.

Two other bystanders were also shot who are 40 and 20-year-old men. Everyone is expected to survive.
Milwaukee police say they are still searching for the shooter. Investigators believe this shooting may have stemmed from an argument.