Mother of boy who went missing in Waukesha thanks community

Her son went missing for nearly 18 hours
Posted at 12:11 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 13:12:16-04

The mother of a 10-year-old boy who went missing in Waukesha thanked the community on social media for their support during the time her son went missing.

Fadara Ounkham's son, Andrew Ounkham, is autistic and went missing overnight  for nearly 18 hours this past weekend in Waukesha. A couple of high school students found him the next morning.

She posted on Facebook showing pictures her son's progress and said:

"Wow. Not sure where to start. #THANKYOUSOMUCH everyone for your prayers, perseverance, support and generosity and the inspiring words of encouragement. Working together as a Unity~Community = Humanity. 
I am soooo happy and exhausted and grateful. My son is home.??
I love seeing all of the great posts and comments and quotes. 
"I am proud to be living in this neighborhood."
Chief of Police, "I haven't seen this much unity in awhile.".."Incredible untrained citizens with patience working together with the police utilizing the law enforcement's knowledge and experience."
"We never got tired and we just kept going."
People brought their dogs, food, water, flashlights...the list is long.
-A nice lady in our neighborhood offered to babysit other people's children if they're interested in helping with the search.
-The list is so long of the resources that were used for Andrew (I have it posted here), I am so grateful for them. It doesn't matter that it's their job, they chose to do it. And it's not easy. And Thank you West High School for the used of their facility and the quick organization they had for their staffs and students letting them take off from school to help. And the beautiful voices of West High School choir singing "Road Home" when they found out that Andrew was found. 
Love seeing people be proud and happy and believed in our community. Not just in our subdivision or Waukesha but the Southeastern part of WI. 
The selfless act of everyone that came from all over, my family and I are so grateful. 
Adam Lembke and Connor Kubiak, our humble heroes. Thank you!
But in my eyes, everyone that gave the time and effort and words of encouragement and prayers and faith are my Heroes.
May you all be blessed and that this would never ever happen to any of you.  ?????? "Together we can do so much."
*You are more than welcome to share this so that everyone could see how grateful we are."