Mother names baby after doctor who saved her

'Joshua' is more than just a first name.

MADISON, WI - Amanda Preiwe named her first-born son after the man who saved her life, Dr. Josh Medow director of the neuro ICU at UW Hospital. 

According to our sister station WISC Madison, this comes two years after Amanda suffered a severe stroke. 

“She came here in a coma, and she was in really bad shape,” Medow said.

Because of Amanda’s condition, doctors were not sure she would live. 

She remained in a coma for a month, before the treatments helped her gradually improve.

Amanda and her husband, Joe, have kept in touch with Medow. He was even invited to the couple's wedding one year after her recovery.

When their son was born on Sept. 21, they paid a visit to the neuro ICU to introduce him.

“And they said, meet Joshua. I was like, ‘oh my gosh, you’ve got to be kidding me.’ He’s a beautiful baby boy. I mean, what an honor,” Medow said. 

For Joe and Amanda, the decision to name their son after Medow was an easy one.

“What better way to honor the guy that played such a critical part in my wife’s life,” Joe said.

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