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Mother-daughter duo creates all-natural hair products following injustices leading up to The Crown Act

"People started asking me 'what do you use in your hair?' That's when I realized a business opportunity."
Posted at 6:53 PM, Jun 24, 2022

MILWAUKEE — Embracing natural hairstyles like braids, afros and twists were values Latrina Thornton worked to instill in her five kids.

"My son Jack who is in the 5th grade wore his hair out in a very large afro and he came home upset because his teacher told him that she liked his hair up better when it was 'maintained so to speak' in a twist and he really felt down about that," said Thornton holding back tears.

Jack's experience at school is what many Black Americans face.

The Crown Act is legislation that would protect against race-based hair discrimination in places like work and schools. The bill currently sits with the senate and if passed it would make hair discrimination illegal.

"It's ridiculous to think that we even need statutory law to protect those who choose to were their hair in certain ways. You know we can't change the law but what we can do is help to celebrate the way that your hair naturally grows out of your scalp," said Carolyn-Ebony Carson.

Law student speaks on race-based hair discrimination

Carson is Thornton's daughter currently attending law school at Marquette.

"People started asking me you know what do you use in your hair? That's when I realized a business opportunity," said Carson.

The two launched Nubian's Way, an all-natural hair care line that recently won Marquette's Brewed Ideas Challenge which rewards innovative ideas by offering funding to help them advance.

The products include a hair serum and a butter blend made of natural organic oils.

"The butter blend softens your hair so whether you want to rock a fro, whether you have dreads, whether you have twists it softens your hair to where you can manipulate it the way you like it," said Carson.

To place an order you can call 414-324-4213 or direct message them via Instagram.

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