More trouble reported at Pet University

Posted at 6:04 PM, Apr 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-23 00:12:54-04

Following TODAY'S TMJ4 storiesabout a dog who died in the care of Pet University on S. Howell Ave in Milwaukee, another pet owner reached out saying her dog ran away while in the facility's care.

Kristin Iselin said she boarded her dog Allie Saturday, planning to pick her up Sunday. Iselin said she got a call Saturday night that her dog had gotten loose. MADACC confirms the dog was picked up by MIlwaukee County Sheriff's deputies Saturday around midnight. Pet U owner Angela Trzcinski picked Allie up Sunday morning. Iselin said the owners of Pet U told her Allie had injured her paw, but wasn't in pain and was walking fine. She was surprised to see her dog's condition Sunday.

"She wasn't able to walk, she was limping, she was crying, her fur was a mess, she had burrs all over," explained Iselin.

In the video above, you can see the dog walking with the limp. Iselin said the six-year-old dog usually loves playing and is very active.

Worse, Iselin said, is how Pet U handled the situation.

She felt "things weren't adding up." Iselin said the owners had a different story each time she spoke with them. She claims they refused to refund her money, even though the dog was boarded at MADACC rather than their facility. Iselin said they also refused to pay veterinary bills.

MADACC tells TODAY'S TMJ4 it's "not uncommon" for pets to get away from pet sitters. The executive director, Karen Sparapani, said dogs get nervous away from home or pet sitters decide take the dogs to MADACC when they become difficult.

Iselin describes her shock hearing the story of Coco, the dog who died while in the facility's care Sunday. She realized it was the same weekend Allie was boarding there.

"I'm glad my dog, at least I got her back, but she definitely could have gotten hit by a car. and I could be in the same situation as the other family," said Iselin.

TODAY'S TMJ4 went to Pet U Friday to see if the owners would comment on complaints. We asked if they could explain their statement from Wednesday that they "have put in place even more precautionary measures to ensure our clients' safety."

Watch the video above to see how they responded.