More Thanksgiving travelers on Wisconsin roads

Thanksgiving travel is up in Wisconsin as more than 945,000 drivers are expected to hit the roads in the Badger State over the holiday.  

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation said that's 30,000 more people than last year. 

"We're headed to Oxford and Westfield and Montello," said Natalie Raynes of West Allis. 

Raynes and her daughter couldn't take off early. 

"Unfortunately I'd love to, but I had to work until 4," Raynes said. 

Even with a late start, traffic wasn't an issue.

"Amazing. I was really surprised we only had one person pulled over on the way up here," Raynes said.

Or maybe the company helped make the trip seem faster.

"We blare music everywhere," said Rose Raynes of West Allis.

A West Allis couple left early to pick up their son at school in Madison.  They only saw a little congestion. 

"When we got hung up in the traffic it took an extra 15 minutes out of the time getting there," said Julie Dziekan of West Allis.

"Other than that the traffic was traveling pretty good all the way through," said James Dziekan.

Their son is looking forward to a break from college. 

"Seeing my family that I haven't seen in awhile," said Joe Dziekan.

One family sat in the thick of it from Milwaukee to Johnson Creek.

"Oh yes plenty of traffic," said Carolyn Lockett of Milwaukee.

"They're kind of busy, but that's OK when I got some good music and family I'm good," said Adrian Williams of Milwaukee.

Picking up a loved one to bring home for the holiday makes sitting in traffic worth it. 

"It is cause I am so excited," Lockett said.

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