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Months before his retirement, sheriff's deputy experiences memorable moment delivering a baby

Posted at 6:34 PM, Aug 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-22 19:36:07-04

FREDONIA, WI — After 30 years with the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department, Deputy Ron Noll calls it the craziest moment of his career. Just five months shy of retirement, Noll can add "delivering a baby" to his list of on-the-job experiences.

Deputy Noll was only six miles away when he got the emergency call that a woman was going to give birth, and it was too late to get to a hospital.

He walked into the Fredonia home Sunday, to see a panicked Grandma Patty, and mom Brianna, in obvious pain.

"When he walked into the door, I remember asking for his help, apologizing, and telling him I'm having this baby right now," Brianna said. "I knew we wouldn't make it to a hospital."

"Brianna was screaming and laying on the bed, and Patty was freaking out a little bit," Deputy Noll said. "I wanted to join Patty and freak out too, but I knew that wouldn't be too professional. I just tried to think back to my training in the police academy all those years ago."

He remained calm, but the way they all describe it you can't help but laugh.

"I was off to the side pacing, and the deputy just kind of assumed the position like he was going to catch a football," Patty demonstrated.

"I knelt down on the bed, and their dog was barking in my ear, and Patty kept calling me Dr. Noll, and I kept telling her I am far from a doctor," Noll said.

Within four minutes, baby Henry was out, guided into the world carefully by Deputy Noll.

"When Brianna said he was coming, I looked down and sure enough saw his head," Noll said. "I just put my hands around that little head, and was relieved that I didn't see am umbilical cord around his neck, and then each shoulder maneuvered out, and his whole body came out quickly. My main goal after that was just to hang on to him tight, because he was slippery!"

With that, Patty quickly changed the deputy's title once again.

"He graduated from Dr. Noll to Uncle Ronnie," Patty joked. "We are very thankful he was there."

"It was the best feeling in the world," Deputy Noll said. "I'm glad I was there to answer that call. I'm sure we're going to stay friends forever now."

Baby Henry was three weeks early. He's in the NICU but we're told he's doing well.