Mom of hit-and-run driver that injured two MPD officers: ‘He was scared'

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 19:43:03-04

Four people have been arrested in Thursday’s officer-involved hit-and-run.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called it a terrifying moment for his two officers who were patrolling on foot near Sherman Boulevard and Villard Avenue. An 18-year-old driver hopped the curb and collided into them.

"When you've had an accident and you've run over somebody, your obligation is to stop and render aid,” Flynn said.

Witnesses said the driver backed up and took off. Franchan Johnson said she was taken aback after finding out her son was behind the wheel.

"He was scared,” Johnson said. 

Both officers were taken to the hospital and have since been released. One officer is recovering from head wounds, the other injured his shoulder and leg.

"I think all things being equal we're all very, very lucky,” Flynn said. "They were both knocked flat and we're very grateful for the fact that multiple community members called 911 and tried to run to their assistance there.” 

Johnson believes her son wouldn’t have struck the officers on purpose.

"He's a good person and he's never been in trouble,” Johnson said. 

Flynn said the wreck doesn’t appear to be intentional. He’s thankful police didn’t have to spend much time searching for the suspects.

"The parents of the passengers came forward with their young men and said fess up, come to the police," Flynn said.

The driver was arrested for reckless injury and hit and run. His passengers were arrested for failing to report an accident.

"I was very apologetic with all of the officers,” Johnson said. "What I want now is to really talk with him.”