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MobCraft Brewery, Great Lakes Distillery team up for Bloody Mary 'Chaser' beer

Posted at 8:14 AM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 09:21:05-05

The Holiday Season is a busy time of year at local breweries and distilleries.

In Walker's Point, MobCraft Beer and Great Lakes Distillery are located just steps from one another. On any given weekend, the two might actually be competing with one another for customers.

But rather than approach one another as competitors, the businesses have collaborated on several projects.

MobCraft recently began production of "Chaser" beer - which debuted at a Bloody Mary party at Great Lakes Distillery and is now served alongside its famous Bloody Mary cocktails.

In the past, the beer maker has used the distillery's barrels to age its beer in, according to MobCraft Beer President Henry Schwartz.

Schwartz thinks the collaboration between the two businesses stems from a mutual respect and understanding of small business economics.

"I think it just comes from everybody being in the struggle," Schwartz said. "When you're a small, independent, business you're dealing with being small, not having much purchasing power, not having a huge advertising budget."

Ross Salchow, of Great Lakes Distillery, said he's noticed a more collaborative attitude among craft breweries and craft distilleries here in Wisconsin than in other states. While that trend isn't new, it's one he believes has picked up steam in recent years.

"It's not that it never existed, it's just that now there's 30-something breweries, 3-4 distilleries, there's a cider company," Salchow said. "So the more there are, the more they can work together."

He thinks that neighborly approach makes good business sense, and could help both businesses involved grow their customer bases.

"If you like one craft distillery product or craft brewery product, you're more likely to try and like the next one," Salchow said.

While Chaser is only available at Great Lakes Distillery, MobCraft brewery said beer enthusiasts looking to sample some of its other products can check out Stout Fest on December 14.