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MLK Justice Coalition: Celebrate Dr. King's legacy by bringing a call to action

This is the 21st annual MLK Justice program
Posted at 5:43 PM, Jan 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-17 18:43:24-05

MILWAUKEE — Celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day looks different for everyone.

MLK statue in Milwaukee
MLK statue in Milwaukee

In Milwaukee, dozens of people came together in front of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's statue just north of Walnut Street. They gathered not only to celebrate, but to bring a call to action.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Coalition has been celebrating King's life and legacy for decades, and Monday was no different.

People holding up flags prior to the program beginning
People holding up flags prior to the program beginning

Folks listened to Civil Rights songs and had the opportunity to reflect on the impact of Dr. King's life.

From reenactments of his famous words to music that filled the cold Milwaukee air, people stood side by side and spoke their truths.

"We have suppression all over the place," said Milwaukee Actor Andre Ellis. "After all these years of fighting to get a vote, we have people fighting to make sure we don't."

Brian Verdin is one of the founding members of the Milwaukee Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Coalition. He said people continue to come out 21 years later for several reasons.

"People have a lot to say about Dr. King and it's important to share what people think," Verdin said.

But, he believes it's the call to action that keeps bringing people back.

"Dr. King wasn't just a dreamer, he was an activist. He organized tremendous movements," Verdin stated.

So, by bringing people together, he hopes more can be done for Milwaukee when it comes to social justice movements.

"Those same movements that existed back then need to be enhanced and reborn right here in Milwaukee," he said.

The MLK Justice Coalition will start the second part of the program on Monday at 7 p.m., but due to COVID it will be virtual.

To get a link, click here to sign up.

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