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Milwaukee's SafeHouse introduces 15 patty burger challenge

Posted at 8:40 AM, Jan 03, 2020

MILWAUKEE — So much for going on a diet in 2020, Milwaukee's SafeHouse is starting the year by introducing a challenge featuring a 15 patty cheeseburger.

The OOMG Burger Challenge starts Jan. 7 and will be offered every Tuesday through the end of the month. With an hour to finish, the OOMG Burger Challenge dares customer to try and eat a 15 patty cheeseburger, a pound of cheese curds, and 60 ounces of beer.

Those who are willing to attempt the challenge must sign a liability waiver beforehand, and are encouraged to make a reservation.

According to Milwaukee Record, not including the beer, the burger and cheese curds add up to be over 4.5 pounds. Anyone who attempts the OOMG Challenge must finish the beer, cheeseburger, and cheese curds in an hour or less. Those who succeed will receive a free t-shirt, a 60-ounce "Mission Impossible" glass, and a feature on SafeHouse social medias.

The challenge is only offered at the Milwaukee SafeHouse and is only available on Tuesday this month (Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28). If someone fails to finish the meal, they have to pay for it. We have to warn you, the meal costs $50.