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Milwaukeeans prepare for snow, while still chipping away at the ice

"You can't even see the salt I put down mostly"
Posted at 5:55 PM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 18:55:06-05

MILWAUKEE — With snow in the forecast, people are working hard chipping away at the ice that formed Tuesday.

The rain and snow mix left behind a mess for Milwaukeeans who are still hard at work trying to clear walkways.

"You can't even see the salt I put down mostly," said Milwaukee resident Timothy Lewis. "I'm planning on using this whole bag of salt," said Milwaukee resident Paris Eason.

Eason has gone through more than 100 pounds of salt since Tuesday. She said her main goal is to ensure her grandmother can get in and out of the house.

​"I've come out today to help my grandma go to the grocery store and now I'm just trying to salt so we can even bring the groceries in," Eason stated. "I'm hoping that it melts the ice, but I'm worried because the temperature is not warming up either."

A couple miles away Lewis was also at work. He used his lunch break to get ahead of the incoming snow.

"These are the danger spots (ice covered sidewalks) that I'm concerned about because when it snows over this and you don't realize it - boom, you fall," Lewis said.

But, he quickly noticed the salt he was putting down wasn't doing much. So, he got creative.

"It ​is very important to get at it while you can and get this ice up," Lewis said.

His secret is to put down salt and then use a shovel to break the ice. He said that has worked for him so far.

Lewis and Eason both stress the importance of looking out for your neighbors.

"The whole sidewalk around this area is covered in ice, so please be mindful of others," Eason said.

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