Milwaukee woman attacked by paintballs three times

Posted at 10:15 PM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 00:57:52-04

A North Milwaukee woman has been the victim of a paintball attack three times in one week.

It comes as Milwaukee Police warn residents paintball shootings may be on the rise because of a social media campaign in which young people are challenged to shoot paintballs instead of real bullets. 

Tiffany Copeland was first hit by a paintball in the face last week. She was getting out of her car when she says someone drove by and fired at her.

Sunday, her car was fired upon while she was driving through North Milwaukee.

“It’s like stupid for them to keep paintballing the car, I’m scared… not sure if it’s going to come through the window or not” said Copeland. 

Copeland was able to wash the paintball mess off her car yesterday, only to be hit again by several paintballs on her way to interview with TODAY’S TMJ4 Tuesday.

“It’s very stupid it’s very ignorant because [you’re] still hurting somebody because them paintballs hurt, they hurt," Copeland said. 

She did not report the paintball cases to the police because she couldn’t get a description of the people firing them at her. She also knows police are on the case already. She does have a warning for the people firing the shots.

“What if the police see these little guys with guns, they don’t know if they paintball guns, they going to immediately shoot,” said Copeland.