Milwaukee Wendy's fight prompts community asking for greater security

Posted at 7:03 PM, Mar 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 21:54:59-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - Milwaukee police are looking for suspects involved in a "large fight” at a Wendy's restaurant on the city’s north side.

“That stuff happens anywhere," Floyd Taylor said. 

"It happens down here downtown, it happens uptown, it happens on the south side, it happens on the west side, everywhere," he also said.

But Monday it happened at a Wendy's Floyd Taylor was patronizing near 27th and Capitol, and he captured the entire altercation on his cell phone. 

According to Taylor, he was preparing to place an order when a fight broke out between dozens of teens including employees right in front of him at the service counter. Now Taylor said he questions whether fast food restaurants should be better secured.

“We shouldn’t have to go to those measures as far as putting security guards in restaurants," Taylor said. "But we live in a world where we know certain places do need security."

The fight started just after 6 pm during the fast food chain's dinner rush. Taylor said he saw an employee and manager arguing behind the counter. The manager left the store to call for help, but that’s when punches started flying and police were called in soon after —fast forward to Tuesday and it’s business as usual at the Wendy's Steven Jenkins frequents. 

Jenkins said although he wasn’t there Monday when the brawl happened, he thinks the fight confirms a need for greater conflict resolution in his community.

“We definitely need people in our community that’s going help these fast food restaurants and our young men out here that’s dealing with those types of situations," Jenkins said. 

The owner of the Wendy's wasn't available for comment, but police say no one was severely injured and the altercation is still under investigation.