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Milwaukee thief caught in the act by a teenager with a cell phone

Posted at 10:25 PM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-27 11:03:19-05

MILWAUKEE -- A thief is caught in the act swiping a box off a porch then casually walking away to a waiting car. It is all caught on video by a 13-year-old who thought something was not right. She recorded it all and then had an adult call police.

Kayla Radliff and her dad are getting ready for the holiday season, but they have already discovered a grinch has come to their neighborhood.

"Somebody came and stole the packages off his porch over there," said Darwin Radliff pointing to his neighbor's porch.

His daughter Kayla saw it happen, pulled out her cell phone and started recording. The 13-year-old said she was in the house Saturday afternoon watching TV when a guy approaching her neighbor's house. It was how he was acting that caught her eye. 

"First, he was walking really close to that side near the house, like he was going to go straight towards the house. For two, he was just like walking down, looking around. It was just, it was just suspicious," said Kayla Radliff.

She said she knew he did not live in the neighborhood because she knows all her neighbors. So she grabbed her phone and started recording.

"He has his head down trying to hide, was holding the package next to him. He walked actually past the mailmanm" said Kayla Radliff.

He kept walking right to a nearby SUV and put it in the trunk. Her dad is happy she was able to keep her calm and helped to get video that might leads to the man's arrest.

"Very proud. She has a good head on her shoulders," said Darwin Radliff. "For her to take a video like that and record it all the way. Cause he walked all the way to the corner there where he was parked."

Now her dad is warning others.

"I have let neighbors that I have seen know that if you have packages coming just to be aware," said Darwin Radliff.