Milwaukee Taco Bell restaurants now serving strawberry Skittles-flavored drink

The newest candy-flavored drink at Taco Bell
Posted: 3:28 PM, Mar 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-14 20:28:29Z

Taco Bell is known for its popular Mountain Dew-flavored Baja Blast but a new flavor is taking over. On March 8 Taco Bell started selling a Strawberry Skittles-flavored Freeze according to Bustle.

The drink is priced at $2.29 for a regular size and $2.59 for a large; however, if you visit participating locations during happy hour from 2-5 p.m. you can pick up the drink for $1. 

Head on over the Milwaukee Taco Bell locations on Wisconsin Ave., E. Kenwood Blvd., West Fond du Lac Ave., etc. to enjoy your favorite Skittles flavor in liquid form. 

For a full list of Milwaukee Taco Bell locations click here.