Milwaukee Public Schools start new school year with hurricane victims in mind

Posted at 2:34 PM, Sep 05, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- Tuesday marks the start of the school year for Milwaukee Public Schools - the largest school district in Wisconsin.

At Walt Whitman School on the city's south side, Governor Scott Walker greeted students with a "high 5." Walker also noticed their uniforms. The new uniform policy is a guideline. It 's not mandatory. Schools can opt out and so can parents.

"When I worked at IBM, we had to wear blue and grey suits. We had to have the same look and back then the idea was to focus on the product.  I think there's something positive about that," Walker said

Students were also reminded of all the children in Texas who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey.

A donation drive is now being held at all Milwaukee Public Schools.

"We are collecting everything tomorrow and we will try to get the shipment out Thursday. The students in Houston are going back to school on Monday," said Dr. Darienne Driver, the Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Items needed for the donation drive include: school supplies, clothing and shoes.