Milwaukee Public Schools holds third uniform and enrollment fair

Posted at 10:08 PM, Aug 30, 2017

Due to high demand, Milwaukee Public Schools held its third uniform and enrollment fair at South Division High School Wednesday so students could try on and parents could purchase the new school outfits.

Most MPS schools start in just one week, and for the first time students will wear uniforms. Parents had some final questions answered.

More than 10,000 families attended MPS uniform fairs, and Wednesday was crunch time. Elementary and middle school students go back to class in just five days.

Students had some opinions about the new uniforms.

“Not excited. I’m used to being in regular clothes. I don’t like uniforms,” said Jordan Beasley, a Morgandale Elementary School student.

Shirts must be tucked in and pants must fit properly. Navy blue and black pants and shirts are also accepted, as well as established school colors. A pair of pants and a shirt cost under $20, and in this first year every student gets one free uniform, which parents appreciate.

“A lot of kids can’t afford the same brand name clothes. So being in a uniform will kind of keep the bullying down,” said Douglas Beasley, an MPS parent.

MPS high schools started the year early, and district leaders said so far there’ve been no problems with the transition to uniforms.

“To date, we have not had any concerns or reports from our principals,” said Matthew Boswell, MPS student services director.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 5, all students will be back to school.