Milwaukee Public Schools considering uniform policy

Fifty-three schools already require uniforms
Posted at 2:57 PM, Feb 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-09 19:27:12-05

All Milwaukee Public Schools may soon require all students to wear uniforms.

Fifty-three out of 159 schools are already wearing uniforms and MPS says a recent survey shows that lots of people favor a district wide uniform policy.

Pulaski High Principal Lolita Patrick says there's nothing like coming to school seeing her students looking nice and neat.

"I can tell you that uniforms have been a great help to Pulaski High School this year, it's been great," Patrick said.

Besides the unified look, she says since the uniforms were mandated at the beginning of this school year, the learning environment has improved for the better.

"There was a decline in the issues that we were having with climate last year," Patrick said.

Students agree the uniforms have come with benefits and no serious drawbacks.

"Even though at first I was against it, I really like it though," said Joicelyn Brenson, a Pulaski High senior.

“It's way less bullying, we all wear the same thing, you can't judge anybody off of what they're wearing,” said senior basketball player Raquentez Woodley.

"It's less fights," said Brianija Vaughn, a fellow senior

They also say it helps them prepare for the real world.

"Uniforms will add more discipline," said Mercedes Manning, a junior.

"People don't really focus so much on how they look and what they wear and I feel like people are more focused on their schoolwork now because they're not so worried about how they look now," Brenson said.

Students say uniforms also help their parents save money. A meeting will be held next Tuesday to vote on this proposal. If this proposal is approved, each school will get to select a uniform style and color.

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