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Milwaukee Police detective accused of domestic abuse

Posted: 5:05 PM, Nov 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-21 18:05:35-05
Milwaukee Police detective accused of domestic abuse

A Milwaukee Police detective is behind bars and awaiting charges related to an alleged, domestic abuse incident. 

According to a report by Greenfield Police Officers, 39-year old Jason E. Rodriguez was arrested early Tuesday morning after his live-in girlfriend alleged he hit her. 

In the police report, first responders detail how a neighbor called them after the woman ran to that person's house and "knocked on the caller's door saying that her boyfriend beat her up." 

Greenfield Police said officers arrived to find the woman shaking and crying. 

"She had blood in her right ear and it appeared it had flowed down the right side of her jaw and under her chin where it dripped off," the police report reads. 

Officers in the report also wrote that they spotted swelling on the left side of the woman's face. She told them she could not hear anything out of her right ear. 

The woman told police she and Rodriguez argued after she suspected he was cheating on her. The two lived together at an unknown residence in Greenfield and had been in a relationship since May, 2017. 

In the police report, the victim detailed how she became upset and smashed plates in the home's kitchen. 

She said after that, she laid down on the couch and Rodriguez emerged from the bedroom. 

"Rodriguez began hitting her with something which she believed was the plates he picked up," the victim alleged to police, according to their report. "She felt him punching her and she placed her forearms up to protect herself." 

The victim also told police that she at some point ended up on the floor and Rodriguez kicked her with the heel of his foot. 

According to the police report, the victim was transported to the hospital and received 13 stitches for cuts to her legs. She also suffered a fractured pinky. 

The victim told police she had been drinking wine before the argument. 

According to Greenfield Police, "it was obvious in speaking with Rodriguez that he was likely under the influence of alcoholic beverages." 

In the police report, an officer writes that he asked Rodriguez about the woman's allegations and he replied by saying he had not touched her. 

"I asked him where all the blood came from and he again told me that we would have to ask her," the report reads. 

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office said Greenfield Police had not yet referred the case for charges. 

"An internal affairs investigation has been initiated by the Milwaukee Police Department," MPD said in an email.