Milwaukee Police Association: More officers need Tasers

Posted at 9:37 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 01:43:23-04

Milwaukee Police officers in Wednesday's incident near 51st and Capitol had to request an officer with a taser respond to the scene.

Law Enforcement Sources told TODAY's TMJ4, this is a common occurrence in the field. 

Tasers were part of the "2017: Use of Force Report"which was discussed at Thursday's Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission Meeting. The use of tasers is on the decline after a spike in 2016.

They were used 128 times in 2017 as a type of force, down from 169 the year before.

"I know that we did increase the number of tasers that we issued slightly over a period of time. I think that it always holds up that anytime that you issue more of a type of tool that it's going to be used more in certain circumstances," Assistant Police Chief Michael Brunson said.

Milwaukee Police Association President Michael Crivello says he'd like to see more officers have the option of a taser.

"I would question the availability of equipment for our officers, so that our officers can use them at a timely manner to end an incident such as last night sooner," said Crivello. 

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales says the department reviews the use of tasers every 6 months at districts throughout the city.

The "Use of Force Committee" is comprised of police academy instructors, command staff, and internal affairs. The chief says the committee will look at officers who use force more often to see if it is correctable or something that occurred because of the types of assignments the officers respond to. 

Milwaukee Police were not able to provide the number of officers who are trained on and have tasers in the department at the time of press.