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Milwaukee organizations gather to pick up trash left on the streets

Saturday, marks the BIG Clean MKE Community Kick Off
Posted at 5:15 PM, Apr 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-17 18:15:44-04

MILWAUKEE — It's the time of year, where Winter blues are behind us, and the snow has melted, but many communities are dealing with what the snow hid.

Trash, left on the side of the road, and in ditches.

Northwest Side Community Development Corporation clean-up organizer Danitra Jones said it's surprising what you'll find alongside the road.

"The snow has unearthed a lot of things from diapers, tires, furniture, paper, litter," Jones said.

Jones brought out her children to also help clean up. She said it teaches them accountability and the meaning behind community.

Her son Jaziyah Jones-Richards said he enjoys being out helping the community with his family.

"Instead of making the city dirty, we can make it clean," Jones-Richards added.

Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautifulorganized 'Big Clean MKE' to get people excited about this effort.

Milwaukee resident Leland Pan decided not to complain and be proactive as he helped out his neighborhood near the west side.

"Universally, we all want the neighborhood to be clean. Leland said. "We all want the neighborhood to look good ,and we all want our basic needs met."

More than a dozen community organizations took to the streets of Milwaukee to do their part and pick up what they can.

The Near West Side organization partnered with United Methodist Children Services to host a cross community clean-up.

In just four hours, the group of 200 volunteers filled an entire trash container with more than 80 full trash bags.

Glendale resident Sharon Szatalowicz said she loves Milwaukee so much she tries to help out in any neighborhood.

"I cannot believe people will stop at stop lights and literally take their garbage bags and put them out," Szatalowicz said.

Both Szatalowicz and Jones say the solution to keep Milwaukee beautiful can be so simple.

"Keep up after yourself, take responsibility for yourself," Szatalowicz said.

Jones adds that clean-up efforts should not be a one-time thing it should be a consistent.

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