Milwaukee neighbors fed up with street car racing

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jun 01, 2017

Community members in Milwaukee neighborhoods are fed up with speeding drivers and street racing on their roads.

A flyer is circulating on Facebook publicizing drag racing meet up spots at the Midtown Center near 55th Street and Capitol Drive and 76th Street and Mill Road.

Concerned neighbors don't want any innocent people to get hurt and Shanna Holder, who lives near Midtown, doesn’t understand why it is even going on.

"It's an ongoing problem. Very sad, I feel like it's very dangerous and it's dangerous not just to themselves but the people around," Holder said.

Others in the community, like Denzel Batton, hope the issue isn't overlooked.

"They want to drive fast. They don't care about nobody else's life but you have to think about others and their families," Batton said.

Alderwoman Chantia Lewis is aware of the issue. One of the meet up spots is in her district.

"Somebody tagged me in it and immediately I sent it over to my captain," she said.

Lewis promises something will be done.

"MPD is aware of what's going on, the community is aware, the elected officials are aware, the community activists are aware and everybody is on high alert. So now we're strategizing how we can deter this behavior, deter this activity," Lewis said.

Community members hope that promise is kept because they all know someone could be killed.

"I just hope the police are out here to stop, anything can happen," Holder said.

Police tell TODAY’S TMJ 4 they will monitor the area. If you see anything like this, Lewis urges you to call the police.