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VIDEO: Milwaukee man punches police officer at Bayshore Mall after stealing underwear

He now faces a list of charges.
Posted: 10:32 AM, Feb 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-06 17:14:58Z
VIDEO: MKE man punches officer at Bayshore Mall

GLENDALE --  A 31-year-old Milwaukee man faces a long list of charges after he punched a Glendale Police officer in the nose at Bayshore Mall last month.

Newly released video from Glendale police show moments after the man punched the officer. 

Glendale police say the assault happened after the officer confronted the man about shoplifting two packs of underwear from Kohl's. 

The officer suffered a bloody nose from the alleged punch -- which is not on camera. Police tased the man to restrain him.

The Milwaukee man  is facing charges of felony resisting, battery to a police officer and misdemeanor retail theft.