Suspected Milwaukee gang member charged with murder, drug charges

Unsealed court records show trail of violence
Posted at 10:16 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 08:46:21-05

A Milwaukee man and suspected gang member is charged with murder and several other violent criminal charges involving heroin.

A newly unsealed search warrant shows a trail of violence including murders and attempted murders throughout the city's northwest side.

Authorities say Christopher Anderson belonged to a Milwaukee gang called Brothers of Struggle or BOS, and is responsible for a string of violence from late August 2016 until his arrest in October, 

Anderson is charged with first degree homicide, attempted homicide, kidnapping, armed robbery and more. He is part of the BOS street gang known for selling heroin and carrying out violence on the city's northwest side, according to authorities.

On Oct. 6 of last year, Anderson allegedly killed Jarvis Johnson because Jerome Johnson, Jarvis’ brother, was cooperating with police over a shooting on the freeway back on December 8, 2015, according to the complaint. That shooting involved another gang member Jerome would likely testify against. Court records say while in jail Jerome and his family members were threatened multiple times.

Investigators said a day later Anderson also tried to kill another witness for a fellow gang member. He shot at a man identified only as J.L. and another man riding in the car with him. Both were shot multiple times but survived.

Also according to the complaint, Anderson doused a man identified as K.S. with gas, set him on fire and then shot at him as he was running away. K.S. had 60 percent of his body burned but he survived.

"Once he awoke from a coma, viewed a photo array and identified the above mentioned defendant Christopher Anderson as one of the kidnappers with an AK-47, and as the person that poured gasoline on K.S. before K.S. was set on fire," the complaint said.

The unsealed documents show just how far Anderson and his fellow gang members were willing to go to kill and intimidate witnesses, allegedly orchestrating one of the murders from prison.

Anderson is currently awaiting trial for the multiple charges against him. Some of the other BOS gang members have already been convicted of their crimes.


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