Milwaukee man accused of beating woman to death with a pipe

Posted at 3:43 PM, Mar 07, 2018

A Milwaukee man faces first-degree homicide charges for allegedly beating a woman to death with a pipe. 

According to a criminal complaint, John Gillum, 29, of Milwaukee turned himself into police Sunday claiming he killed a prostitute and left her body in the shed behind the house where the murder occurred. 

Gillum told police the two argued over the price of the sex between them. He also told officers, “something about dying and being killed in a past life and that he sensed something in his head that he had to kill the victim.”

He told officers he got angry, punched the victim and tied her up. After sexually assaulting the victim, he told police he stabbed her and then beat her to death with a pipe.

Along with the murder charge, Gillum faces a second-degree sexual assault charge. If convicted he faces life in prison.