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Milwaukee is the best coffee city in the U.S., ranking finds

Posted at 4:20 PM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 17:20:17-05

MILWAUKEE — While we knew Milwaukee had some good coffee options, best coffee city in the U.S.? That is a surprise.

But according to the ranking website, Brew City is the top coffee city in the country, coming in before Portland at 2, San Francisco at 3 and Buffalo at 4.

The ranking weighs variety of coffee shops as well as the best prices. The website states their top 15 coffee cities have an average of 18 cafes per capita, an average about 1.4 times compared to average U.S. metros.

The website also points to their top 15 cities as having an average price of $4.22 for one cappuccino and spend about 1.6% of their annual income on coffee. That's compared to $4.47 per cup nationally, costing about 1.9% of the average income.

Milwaukee, according to the ranking, deserves to be first because it is "best at balancing affordable brews with a growing coffee scene."

They note the city's low cost of living gives cafe owners the "flexibility they need to create a unique experience for cafe-goers." And the city's coffee scene allows new faces to break into the specialty coffee scene, "making it America's best coffee city," according to the ranking.

Milwaukee residents spend about $926 per year on coffee, about 1.5% of their annual income. That makes Brew City one of five cities where the cost comes in below $1,000, according to

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