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Milwaukee health inspectors to be accompanied by police following harassment complaints

Posted at 4:57 PM, Nov 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-17 23:49:11-05

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police officers will now be accompanying Milwaukee health inspectors as they look into complaints about COVID-19 safety protocols not being followed.

The City of Milwaukee has orders in place limiting capacities at restaurants and bars, as well as a mask mandate. However, some people are not following these protocols, which has led to complaints, according to city officials.

Those complaints are now being investigated by Milwaukee health inspectors.

During a Tuesday press conference, City of Milwaukee Health Commissioner Marlaina Jackson discussed an incident that happened over the weekend.

On Saturday, there was a rally held outside of Serb Hall. However, the day before the event, the city of Milwaukee Health Department received a complaint regarding the event. Event pages on social media confirm it was a pro-Trump rally.

Commissioner Jackson said health officials then spoke with Serb Hall employees regarding rules they had to follow and requirements having to do with hosting an event.

On Saturday, inspectors were sent to the event to check up on it and make sure protocols were in place. When they arrived, they discovered that those requirements were not being followed.

Commissioner Jackson said those inspectors were attempting to document the violations, when they were pushed and harassed by people at the rally.

The inspectors went inside to find the Serb Hall manager, who then came out and shut down the event.

However, because of the violence and verbal harassment that these inspectors faced, they will now be accompanied by Milwaukee police officers whenever they go out to look into complaints.

The city says they are working with the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate Saturday's incident.

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