Milwaukee grieves with Dallas after tragic police ambush; locals react to shooting

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jul 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-08 18:53:05-04

MILWAUKEE -- As the nation grieves with Dallas, Milwaukee is no exception.

"We know that that could have happened anywhere, that could have happened here, that could have happened in any one of our suburbs," said Mayor Tom Barrett.

Mayor Barrett says this is a day to reflect on what's happening locally and all over the country. He says it's important to come together to stop the violence.

"There can be no equivocation, there can be no explanation, there can be no excuses. We as a nation we as a people must condemn the violence," explained Mayor Barrett.

There was a low turnout for a Blue Lives Matter rally on the Warnimont overpass Friday afternoon. Sign holders aren't officers, but citizens supporting law enforcement.

"It's really important that we kind of give back and show our support.  It's not very common now a days to find that kind of thing," explained Thomas Schmidt, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Lives Matter.

Markasa Chambers with Milwaukee's Coalition for Justice says this weeks events hit close to home.

"We're not just dealing with what's going on out of state. We're dealing with what's going on in our own state and our own backyard," said Markasa Chambers, Coalition for Justice.

Chambers believes what happened in Dallas isn't right, but not surprising.

"After dealing with these raw emotions and feelings and then seeing what happened last night I almost kind of felt like, and I know other people have said this, it was almost like this was inevitable," explained Chambers.