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Milwaukee gets ready for the cold embrace of winter

Posted at 6:35 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 19:35:04-05

With temperatures dipping below freezing, it's a far cry from the warm Fall we've had.

There are far fewer people on Bradford Beach than in September but still a few. 

"This is a constant struggle for the outdoor quilt photographer," Heidi Parkes said.

Parkes is a quilter and was excited to hit the beach in November.

"There are less people and it makes a really beautiful panorama with the water, sand and sky," Parkes said. "I'm excited to people have longer hair now. I'm excited there are no bugs or less bugs in my house. Once I get in my car, I'll feel better in about two minutes."

And while it's feeling a lot like Christmas, there are people working on the visual side of that in Wauwatosa too. 

"I've been doing this for ten years," Scott Walecki with Holiday Heroes said. "I've had some really cold days."

Walecki and his team are working to wrap the trees around downtown Wauwatosa with Christmas lights. It's a small gesture that helps folks battle through the elements. 

"It definitely kind of gets that atmosphere," Walecki said. "The joy and warmth of Christmas to ring it in."

Seeing lights on homes and businesses isn't too far off. But while driving around to check them out, the roads are sure to get slick sooner than later. 

"Putting a winter tire on your car is going to make you feel like you're driving a different car," said John Waite with O'Gorman's. 

Waite says winter tires can cut braking distance in half. He hasn't seen a lot of people come in yet but knows that will likely change soon.

"The winter tire will grab better in snow or ice than a standard all season," Waite said. 

And Bradford Beach is ready for winter as well. Instead of having the volleyball nets and lifeguard stands up, they now have their snow fences ready to prevent sand and snow from drifting onto Lincoln Memorial Drive. 

Winter is here.