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Milwaukee 'frequently addressing' craterous potholes on Chase Ave.

Posted at 3:41 PM, Feb 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-28 18:44:48-05

Potholes are a problem across Southeast Wisconsin at this time of year.

"Potholes occur when there are freezing and thawing cycles," said Brian DeNeve of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works.

One particularly bumpy stretch of roadway: Chase Avenue between Oklahoma and Lincoln.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation classifies the road as a connecting highway, because it's a local road that carries a state highway (WIS 38) through the city.

DeNeve said that means major repairs, like the full-scale resurfacing of the problematic stretch of Chase Avenue scheduled to happen this spring, are overseen by the state.

But DeNeve added it's Milwaukee DPW's job to fill potholes on Chase Avenue. He said city employees carry out that work year-round.

"Overall, Chase Avenue is an area we're frequently addressing," DeNeve said. "As for how it compares to other stretches of road around the city, I can't say for sure."

Drivers like Cain Rogers, who regularly travel on Chase Avenue, think it's among the bumpiest thoroughfares in Milwaukee.

"I hit a few potholes where it felt like I was going to seen some front end work on my car right away," Rogers said. "It was pretty horrible."

DeNeve said he "wouldn't be surprised" if DPW crews would be spotted on Chase Ave. filling potholes in the coming days.

He noted it's important to give workers like that ample space, and slow down while you're driving by to keep them safe.

You can report a pothole to the city by calling 414-286-CITY.

DeNeve said Milwaukee residents wanting to report a pothole can also do so by filling out a service request form either at or through the city's mobile app.