Milwaukee father dies from accident involving stolen car

Posted at 9:55 PM, May 11, 2017
MILWAUKEE -- A 47-year-old Milwaukee father was killed Wednesday night when he was t-boned by a stolen Audi, police say.

Phil Franklin wasn't too far from home when the driver of a stolen Audi A6 t-boned his Grand Am near 13th Street and Greenfield Avenue.  This comes just weeks after Milwaukee Police warned Audi drivers to remove valet keys from their glove box because of an uptick in stolen Audis.

"Hard to believe that we woke up this morning to this man being taken away from his family," said victim's ex-wife Angela Oglesby.

Franklin was turning left when the speeding car hit him. The father of four died at the scene while the people in the stolen car ran away.
"This is senseless," said Oglesby. "Senseless that these kids are stealing cars and just they don't understand what they are doing to families."
Witnesses heard the cars collide.
"We heard the loud boom.  We ran to the front windows and we see the black Audi.  It's completely lit in flames," said witness Kassandra Delapaz.
Kassandra Delapaz said she saw two girls and two guys take off.  One came back and grabbed something from the stolen car.
"Three went that way, one went this way and they're screaming go, go, go," said Delapaz.
She called 911 and ran outside to try and open Franklin's door.
"We tried so hard to save him.  We tried, but we couldn't get him out," said Delapaz.
Police said the car was stolen near 21st Street and National Avenue.  This is about a mile from the crash.  
Family is urging the people in the stolen car to do the right thing.
"Turn yourselves in," said Oglesby."And for any of the family members that know these young people if the kids aren't standing up to turn themselves in get these kids to turn themselves in that's the right thing to do."
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