Vice President Mike Pence touts tax cuts despite Milwaukee Democrat's criticism

Vice President Mike Pence was in town Wednesday to talk up the benefits of the GOP tax cuts, but Democrats say they are mostly helping big corporations and the rich. 

Pence was in Milwaukee for a tax cut forum and fundraiser for Gov. Scott Walker. The Vice President told TODAY'S TMJ4 the tax cuts are boosting wages and creating jobs.

Pence was asked about efforts to make the individual income tax cuts permanent. They begin to expire in 2025.

"President (Donald) Trump, as we speak, is looking at additional ways we can strengthen these tax cuts going forward," said Pence. "And we've began conversations with members of Congress."

Walker and Pence are close friends. Walker helped Pence prepare for the 2016 Vice Presidential debate, and now Pence is helping Walker in his reelection effort.

Walker warned Republicans of the risk of a "Blue Wave" in Wisconsin after liberal judge Rebecca Dallet trounced her more conservative opponent Michael Screnock in the state Supreme Court Race earlier this month. 

"Well let me say the President and I are tremendous fans of Gov. Scott Walker. We really do believe as we go out and tell our story, we are going to have a great year," Pence said. 

Milwaukee Democrats say they have a story to tell as well.

"This tax is a give away to the big banks and a gift to big corporations," said state Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa. 

An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll this month found 27 percent view the law as a good idea while 36 percent see it as a bad idea.

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