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Milwaukee defense lawyer accused of beating, threatening, and stalking ex-girlfriend

Posted at 7:49 PM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-14 23:27:33-04

A Milwaukee criminal defense attorney is now in his own legal trouble.

34-year-old Matthew Meyer is accused of beating, threatening, and stalking a woman he was dating on and off for 3 years.

According to a criminal complaint, Meyer is facing the following charges:

  • Substantial Battery (Substantial bodily hard with intent to cause bodily harm)
  • Threatening to communicate derogatory information
  • Felony intimidation of a victim
  • Stalking

The complaint says since April of 2018, Meyer consistently emailed and called the victim, sometimes in excess of 120 times per day. Meyer also allegedly used apps to block his number or create new numbers so he could message his ex-girlfriend without her knowing it was him.

When Meyer would get violent, she would threaten to call the police or even call 911. According to the complaint, that was the only way she could get him to calm down and leave. The victim told police at one point, Meyer punched her in the face, where she sustained a concussion and bruising to her face, requiring her to take 2 weeks off of work.

Prosecutors say when she would try and break up with him, Meyer "engaged in a pattern of conduct with the intent to cause the victim to believe that he will ruin her life, commit acts of violence against her and her friends/family, damage her property, prevent any future relationships, and leave her without money or a job."

Meyer believed, according to the complaint, that he was protected from consequences because of his position as a criminal defense lawyer. He allegedly threatened to use his criminal defendants to enact violence on the victim's family, use private investigator resources to follow her and report back to him, and use the firm to sue her for over $20,000 for a negative review posted online.

According to the complaint, Meyer warned her through text message "You don't get it. Criminals owe me favors."

Meyer was later arrested and admitted to hitting the woman, but said it was in self-defense. He also admitted sending multiple emails, including creating an account in the woman's father's name.