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Milwaukee dancer wins chance to dance alongside Chaka Khan

Posted at 7:25 PM, Nov 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-12 20:28:18-05

One Milwaukee dancer is getting the chance of a lifetime: to dance alongside Chaka Khan.

Virgillette Adams, better known as Vee, says dancing is part of who she is and admits she tried to quit a few years ago, but dancing wouldn't quit her. 

"Whenever I hear songs, I have so many ideas and movements that go through my head," said Adams. "So, it's more so about me creating it and doing the best I can do to deliver that."

In August 2018, Chaka Khan started an Instagram contest, the #LikeSugarChallenge. Artists of all types were encouraged to submit videos of themselves performing with her newest single "Like Sugar" off her latest album.

At the beginning of November, Adams was given the first prize title, a cash prize and the chance to meet Chaka Khan.

Adams says hearing her name, winning a worldwide competition, is a dream come true.

"I screamed!" she said. "I definitely screamed. I was absolutely in disbelief."

Adams says this all wouldn't be possible without her inspiration, Von Cannon, her videographer and longtime partner.

Cannon says he's a freelance photographer and visual artist. He says working with Vee helps them grow their relationship and their artwork. 

"We didn't expect any of this," said Cannon. "It was great to see the end result and it was even more so great to share that with the person who I know really deserves it."

The two admit that the video didn't take more than 30 minutes to shoot. But, they say it's not just about the process, or specifically about the time it takes.

Adams and Cannon say they're constantly creating, not just for competitions or for likes on Instagram, but they're working to give their art life. 

Adams says she hasn't heard when the meeting date with Chaka Khan will be. But she's already trying to figure out, as one of her biggest fans, what she's going to do. She says there are a million different options in how to handle meeting Chaka Khan.  

"I've been trying to think about how I--what I'm going to say to her," said Adams. "Like, 'Hey we have the same birthday'-or like, 'Near the same birthday like I'm like an affectionate person so I'm definitely gonna give her a huge hug like- I love you."