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Milwaukee County Zoo ranked 10th best in country -- and has one of the country's "weirdest" animals

Posted at 11:46 AM, Sep 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-24 13:21:04-04

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Zoo has been named the 10th best zoo in the country, by website,

The "weirdest" animal at the zoo, according to website RaveReviews, is the "Springhaas," which is described as a Kangaroo-mouse hybrid.

After showcased the best zoos in the country, RaveReviews.orgtook those zoos and decided to find something else about the "their weirdest animals in captivity."

RaveReviewstook the 50 best zoos and looked through each zoo's animal catalog and found animals that were scarce across other zoos, had special abilities and had a "general eww quotient."

San Diego's Secretary Bird, Omaha's Blind Cave Fish, Columbus' Pallas Cat, Cincinnati's Domino Roach, St. Louis' Carmine Bee Eater, Forth Worth's Goliath Birdeater, Toledo's Emperor Tamarin, Bronx's Poison Dart Frog and Brookfield Zoo's Sloth Bears round out the top 10 in both lists.