Milwaukee County Transit System driver emotional ahead of retirement

Posted at 5:32 PM, Jun 15, 2017

After 34 years as a Milwaukee County bus driver, Mark Davis is steering himself into retirement.

The 60-year-old bus driver has spent more than half his life driving a county bus.

He's worked every shift and has driven nearly 2 million miles.

"Looking backwards it doesn't seem quite that long.  I've had some really good experiences out here," Davis said.

Years ago, Davis met his wife on the bus.

"They always say you wait for a knight on a white horse to ride up and save you for the rest of your life.  Mine happened to be a uniformed bus driver on a bus,  not a horse," said
Sherry Davis, Mark's wife.

Mark's wife, daughter and grandson surprised him Thursday morning at one of his Germantown stops.

Thursday was his final day driving.

"It was a surprise that my family was here," Davis said. 

"It's just overwhelming. I'm going to take a break and do a lot of things I've been missing," he also said.

Davis plans to spend a lot of his free time with his family,  fishing and relaxing .

"I'm out of service at the end of the day," he said.