Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke supporters wish him well at the DHS

Clarke plans to resign as sheriff in June

Supporters of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke are wishing him well, speaking out about his potential move to the Department of Homeland Security.

DHS officials have not confirmed the appointment but Clarke announced on talk radio Wednesday he was resigning to take the position.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan, often outspoken himself, wishes the Sheriff the best

"He calls them like he sees them and that's refreshing and I think we need more of that,” Donovan said. “Sometimes politically correct garbage that you hear day in and day out is just a bunch of nonsense and it's not helping address the real problems."

Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry believes Clarke's supporters come from outside the city center, adding that Clarke's detractors are in the majority in Milwaukee.

" He's existed on an island here in Milwaukee County where all the other elected officials who have loud or big stages to express their opinions, are from a different political persuasion" Clark said
Meanwhile, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) released a scathing Op-Ed Thursday.

"Recent revelations about the conditions in the Milwaukee County Jail — a facility managed by Clarke — have shaken my community to its core. Four people, including a newborn baby and a mentally ill man, were found dead in Clarke's jail during a six-month period last year," Moore said.

TODAY'S TMJ4 reached out to the Department of Homeland Security for confirmation of the appointment but as of publishing time, we have not heard back.

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