Milwaukee County Corrections officer arrested after shooting incident

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 18:21:39-04

A Milwaukee County Corrections officer has been arrested after investigators said the story he told them about how someone fired a gun at his home was all a lie.

Officers searched for a gunman but authorities say that person doesn't exist. 

Instead, the 30-year-old C.O. has been fired from his job and is facing charges of obstructing an officer and endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon.

Pearl Basil, a neighbor, was highly concerned.

"My God we didn't know what was going on. It looked like the SWAT team. They were dressed up in the whole garb," Basil said.

When police arrived at the Century Court Apartments in Greenfield Thursday night, all neighbors had to be evacuated as police looked for victims and a suspect.

"We were outside for about an hour and a half waiting for them to get through the building and stuff," Basil said.

Greenfield police said the initial story they were told was a lie. During questioning the man told police he was a correctional officer with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office and he admitted he fired his own gun and made up the story.

"I don't know if he was bored, if he was looking for attention. I don't know it's, it really baffles me," said Stephanie Gebbia, another neighbor.

"Why would they do that, I mean he wants attention. I just don't understand, I just don't understand it. It's ridiculous," Basil said.

The man was fired on Friday. We knocked on his door to ask him about why he lied, but he had no story to tell.

"I hope they do more than just fire him to be honest. I mean they should put him in jail or something," Basil said.

The case is still under investigation and will be reviewed by the Milwaukee County DA early next week.