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Milwaukee Common Council voices opposition to changing concealed carry laws in resolutions

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Posted at 8:59 PM, Sep 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-21 22:01:36-04

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Common Council passed a series of resolutions Tuesday that voice their strong stance against reducing the minimum age for getting a concealed carry license, among other conceal and carry adjustments in Wisconsin.

This comes as lawmakers in the State Capitol push to lower the minimum age to get a concealed carry license to 18 years old. Proposals also call for license holders to be able to have guns in vehicles on school grounds.

State lawmakers backing the proposals argue that having the minimum age requirement at 21, where it currently stands, violates 2nd Amendment rights.

It also comes amid concern over rising homicides in Milwaukee. Milwaukee Police Department data shows the city is on pace to match last year’s record of 190 homicides. Altogether, violent crime is up 36 percent.

It's within this push and shove over gun laws that the Milwaukee Common Council voted to publicize their stance on the issue. The Council passed two resolutions:

  • Resolution #210663 expresses opposition to reducing the age requirement for a concealed carry license to 18, as well as directing Milwaukee's Department of Administration-Intergovernmental Relations Division to lobby against the legislation in the State Capitol.
  • Resolution #210664 expresses opposition to allowing someone with a concealed carry license to bring a weapon into a vehicle on the grounds of a school. The resolution too directs the Intergovernmental Relations Division to lobby against legislation pushing for that law to be altered.

The resolutions' sponsor, Common Council President Cavalier Johnson, argued in a statement Tuesday that “At a time when local leaders are working to reduce gun violence in our communities, we need additional support from those in Madison to adequately address this issue that impacts many parts of our state."

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