Community leaders looking to find out why south side neighborhood has high childhood asthma cases

MILWAUKEE -- Community groups working together in the Clarke Square Neighborhood are at the beginning stages of researching childhood asthma.

In a report that aired Monday on TODAY'S TMJ4, Ian Bautista, the Director of the Clarke Square Neighborhood initiative explained his organization was partnering with a Medical Student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to begin this research project, for up to three years.  

Bautista said the results would eventually be shared with the public. Not without the help and trust of the entire community. Bautista explained what the medical student will study:

"She's definitely starting to pull together some of the questions we need to ask, so we can get some of those answers," explained Ian Bautista, with Clarke Square  Neighborhood Initiative, "Look at possible solutions and connection to those resources."

Bautista sent us this updated statement Friday, saying he misspoke when he told TODAY'S TMJ4 a nurse employed by Children's Hospital is involved in this research:

 "By indicating that our research project was prompted by data specific to a school nurse or a specific school’s population, I misspoke. The Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative does not have data that would indicate kids in Clarke Square have a higher rate of asthma than kids from any other Milwaukee neighborhood.

The Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative, in partnership with other organizations, including Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, plan to research the incidence of childhood asthma here in Clarke Square. Specifically, we want to know if Clarke Square children experience asthma at a comparatively higher rate than children in other communities. If we find that to be the case, then we would hope to identify variables in the environment that could be contributing to the outcomes we find. If time and resources allow, we would hope to create access to information and opportunities that may help all Clarke Square neighbors, but especially our youngest, to live the most healthy and safe lives possible. We feel that by taking this step-by-step approach to understanding the health status of the community, CSNI and all of our partners will be in a better position to work with Clarke Square neighbors to attain the prosperity they identified as the goal of their Quality of Life Plan.

We appreciate the commitment of all of our partners, but especially Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin because of the mutual belief that health & wellness require a deep understanding and appreciation of the community. Social and environmental factors are as important as direct health services in determining a neighborhood’s health & wellbeing."

We hope to follow up and learn what they discover in this community.

Click here to learn more about the Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative.


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