Milwaukee city leaders discuss safety precautions for its workers

Meeting held after the death of housing inspector
Posted at 2:35 PM, Apr 13, 2017
City leaders held a special meeting to discuss safety for city workers Thursday morning.
This in the wake of the brutal murder of Greg Zyszkiewicz, a city inspector who was killed during an attempted carjacking last month near 24th and Cherry in Milwaukee.
Members from the common council are promising they’ll do what it takes when it comes to keeping everyone safe. They threw out ideas and also heard from city employees. Fourteen recommendations were brought up from Employee Relations director Maria Monteagudo.
Some ideas discussed included city workers partnering up with each other during home visits, GPS monitoring systems with panic buttons, driving in marked cars and the possibility of having a weapon.
"Police officers have indicated to me they felt that perhaps there's a possibility that soggy wouldn't of been attempted carjacking if he was indeed in a city vehicle," said Alderman Bob Donovan.
"Equipping city employees that go into potentially dangerous situations with a panic button that would also be equipped with GPS tracking so if the city employee felt In danger or if they felt threatened in any way they would just press the button and we would immediately know where they are and we could get help to them as soon as possible," said Alderman Anthony Zielinski
They want to look into all external and internal resources.
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