Milwaukee Brewers player rescues sex slaves

Posted at 9:30 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 23:32:41-04

A Milwaukee Brewer goes undercover on a dangerous mission.  Blaine Boyer traveled to southeast Asia to free sex slaves.

Boyer is back at his regular job, pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers. But this Fall he left on a mission very few were aware of. He joined the non-profit group The Exodus Road to work undercover freeing sex slaves.

"Nothing can prepare you for it. I think we tried," says Boyer. "The stuff that we saw, the stuff that we witnessed first hand, I can't even put it to words," he added.

Boyer went with his friend and former Chicago White Sox player Adam LaRoche. He says he can't go into specifics about what they did but he was haunted by it.

"There are girls that are being raped over and over and over every night," Boyer says.

Boyer says his faith got him through, knowing there were people out there trying to stop it. But what was almost harder than going in the brothels was leaving.

"I will tell you what when I came back I was just bitter. I was mad at all sorts of things," Boyer says.

He was even mad about his career.

"We are going to play baseball for a living, we are going to play a game for a living," Boyer says.

Now his focus is on making people aware that men, women and children are turned into sex slaves all over this country even right here in Milwaukee. And people need to stand up for them.

"Every state in America there is a problem and it's time to open our eyes," says Boyer.

He says there are a lot of groups people can get involved with including International Justice Mission, Hope for Justice and Love146 if they are interested in working against sex trafficking.