Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman's home burglarized

The suspect broke in through a window
Posted at 5:10 PM, Jun 02, 2017

A Milwaukee alderman is dealing with crime right in his own backyard after his home was burglarized this past weekend.

A search warrant says a man broke through Alderman Robert Bauman's window and stole a 42-inch plasma TV and a laptop as well as personal information from Bauman's home while he and his wife were out of town.

A trusted neighbor who knew they were out of town was suspicious after seeing the front door wide open.

"They just pushed through the latch that holds the two sides together," Bauman said.

But the thief also left a few things behind. Namely, fingerprints all over the window.

Police dusted the prints and found a usable DNA match to a man who lives not too far from the Baumans. Police found the man a day later after spotting him near the crime scene.

"It was just outstanding police work. I have nothing but highest praise for the department," Bauman said.

Detectives say this isn't the family's first encounter with the man. A few days before the crime, Bauman's wife helped the man by giving him some leftover chicken.

"He was on his way and a few days later he's breaking into the house taking thousands of dollars worth of merchandise...That's just not human behavior, that's predatory behavior," he said.

Now he feels violated, and Bauman says it might be awhile before they give any more food away.

"In the short run we might not be handing out too much food in the near future," he said.

However, he is happy neighbors were vigilant and hopes other areas can do the same.

"By neighbors sitting on their porches, by keeping porch lights on and having people around, I think it's a deterrent to criminal activity," Bauman said.

We aren't naming the suspect because he hasn't been charged yet. The DA's office told TODAY'S TMJ4 they're currently reviewing charges.