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Milwaukee activists remember Breonna Taylor, call for ban on no-knock warrants

Posted at 10:44 PM, Mar 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-14 08:43:35-04

MILWAUKEE — Across the country people came together on Saturday to mark the one year anniversary of when Breonna Taylor was killed in her apartment by Louisville police officers executing a no-knock warrant. In Milwaukee, the Peoples Revolution and Milwaukee Artists for Racial justice held a celebration to remember Taylor's life.

The event featured artists, creators and speakers calling for police reform.

Creator Chloe Longmire spoke about the purpose behind the apparel she designs.

"Who doesn't like fun, bright colored apparel? But it's also with a purpose, and it's also for a very good cause and that's to get the message out that black women are dying, black people are dying," Longmire said.


Remembering Taylor is also very personal for Longmire.

"That's something that could happen to me. And I also have a black daughter that will one day be a black woman," she said

One of the organizers of the event, Brandon Wilborn, said even a year after Taylor's death the fight for justice continues.

"To make sure that people are still screaming her name for justice, because justice has not been served," he said. "People shouldn't be able to just go into your house without permission."

That call for justice also includes advocating for a ban of no-knock warrants in Wisconsin. In February State Representative LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee) introduced legislation called "Breonna's Law," which would ban no-knock warrants in the state.

A press release from Representative Myers said, "Wisconsin was the first state to authorize the use of no-knock warrants in 1997; in the case Richards v. Wisconsin. According to legal scholars, no-knock warrants remain more prevalent in Wisconsin than any other state."

Virginia, Oregon and Florida are currently the only states with bans on no-knock warrants. Since Taylor's death, other states and cities have also introduced legislation to also ban no-knock warrants.

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