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Milwaukee 5-year-old celebrated a month after being shot

Posted at 5:22 PM, Sep 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-30 10:34:26-04

On Saturday afternoon there was a very special birthday and homecoming celebration for a 5-year-old boy who survived four gunshot wounds.

Erik "Doobie" Williams is now out of the hospital after being shot back in August.

Never in a million years, would his mother Nadia Taylor would imagine this.

"That's my heart and I thought I was going to lose my heart that night,” Taylor said. “I'm thankful. That's my blessing, that's my miracle."

A walking miracle at that. While with his dad near 10th and Burleigh on August 10th, Doobie was hit by bullets, and his father Erik Williams died.

After multiple surgeries, Doobie was welcomed home with lots of gifts from the community and games at Chuck E Cheese on Milwaukee’s south side.

"He's strong," Taylor said. "He's back to his old self; he's playing, talking, walking, and doing his thing."

Saturday it's about celebrating life. Doobie's little brother was also honored. One-year-old Demetrious was with his father and brother as well at the time of the shooting but was unharmed.

"I love both of my boys and I would be nothing without them," Taylor said.

It's a long journey ahead as Doobie still has physical therapy. 

Two Milwaukee police officers and the President of the League of Martin also stopped by to see Doobie.