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Michigan drivers save at the pump in Wisconsin

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Posted at 7:56 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 20:56:58-04

MARINETTE (NBC 26) — As we see the price of gas decrease very slightly, some drivers are learning where they get gas can make a big difference.

Vehicles with both Wisconsin and Michigan license plates can be found filling up at one Marinette gas station.

"I live in Stephenson and I come down to Marinette every now and then to do my shopping," said Paulette Bruno. "I've noticed there is a big price difference between Stephenson, Menominee and Marinette."

"In Iron Mountain, we were paying $5.47 for diesel and unleaded was $4.29 per gallon," said Kellie Curry, a Hermansville, Michigan resident who filled up her vehicle in Marinette Tuesday. "So then I come down here and I see $3.98 for regular and diesel is $4.97, I think it was. So that's a big difference. I mean, we're just right up the road, so why do we have to pay more?"

Data from shows the cost of regular gas in Marinette is between 20 and 25 cents cheaper than just across the river in Menominee.

Experts with AAA attribute the cost disparity to differences in state taxes.

Wisconsin has a fixed gas tax of 30.9 cents, about 3 cents more than Michigan's. But, unlike Wisconsin, Michigan applies its state sales tax to gas at a percentage of 6%. It's a cost people feel even more when gas prices are up.

"Even under normal conditions, the gas prices in Wisconsin are a little bit lower than Michigan," said Bruce Steffen, a Menominee, Michigan resident. "And of course, all we have is the river between us. So we're back and forth all the time."
"Years ago, Michigan always had the cheaper gas prices. But more recently Marinette's had the better gas prices. So kudos to them," Bruno said.

AAA lists the average cost of regular gas in Wisconsin at $4.01 as of Tuesday, down 1 cent from Monday.