Mequon woman reported missing

Posted at 12:13 PM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 13:13:21-05

MEQUON -- Mequon Police are asking for help finding a missing woman.

Authorities said Jacquelyn Ranallo, 53, was reported missing Saturday, Nov. 21, but no one has heard from her since Wednesday, Nov. 18.

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Officers found her wallet and car at home.

Police returned to her home Monday, tracing Jackie’s last steps before she vanished.

"She was reported as missing when she did not show up for a dinner date on Saturday evening,” said Sgt. Matt Pearce of the Mequon Police Department. " Her car, purse, and keys were all accounted for at her residence."

Pearce said her friend contacted a family member, who got in touch with police.

"We just want to talk to her and make sure she's OK. She's not in any trouble. We don't have any suspicion of foul play at this point,” Pearce said.

Don Gierach works just across the road. He fixes cars, and worked on Jackie’s car a couple months ago. He's seen her and her mom around town.

"I’ve known them for years. They belonged to our church. They were neighbors,” Gierach said.

Police are investigating leads but are still waiting for a solid tip. In the meantime, Don and his employees will be on the lookout.

"I hope there's nothing wrong. I don't know, at this point. I’ll keep an eye out and hope everything's okay,” Gierach said.

Police said her family and friends are used to hearing from Jackie regularly. They're hoping for good news soon.

If anyone has any information regarding Ranallo's whereabouts, please contact the Mequon Police Department at 262-242-3500.