Mequon family bakes 123 dozen cookies for troops overseas

Posted at 10:25 PM, Dec 05, 2016

Thousands of U.S. military men and women will be spending the holidays overseas, but one Mequon family is making sure that 123 soldiers get a special taste of Wisconsin. 

A marathon cookie baking session had a Mequon family working overtime this weekend. They were busy cooking up compassion for our troops overseas.  

"We figured we would send a little piece of Wisconsin to show our love and respect for their service we are baking 123 dozen cookies for the 123 soldiers that are deployed," Rick Schnake said.

His brother, Lt. Ryan Schnake, is serving in the Wisconsin National Guard at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.

"It wasn't just about him. It was about the other 122 soldiers who couldn't be home with their families. We sent them a little Italian love," mom Debbie Schnake said, 

It's clear the doting Italian mom misses her youngest progeny.

Schnake got emotional while face-timing with her son.

"I miss you. I love you..I miss you so much, this is the first Christmas without you.I'd do anything to be with you!" she said.

But the perhaps a care package from adoring relatives is the next best thing. The house was filled with cookie making ingredients, including more than 150 pounds of sugar, flour, eggs, and other ingredients. 

A sweet salute to service members. The baking bash drew relatives from out of town and included three generations.

Over the phone Lt. Schnake tells the group he misses being with family and friends, and admits he wouldn't even mind shoveling the driveway. A reminder that no matter how far away we go, our heart never leaves home. 

Lt. Schnake returns to the homefront in May.