Mequon coyotes removed after dog's death

Posted at 3:42 PM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 17:22:39-04

MEQUON -- Coyotes are beginning to be removed from a Mequon neighborhood after they were blamed for the death of a woman's dog.

Mequon police contacted the city administrator's office, who then called a local animal removal service to take care of the coyotes. Some pups have been removed, while the adults have yet to be captured. The cost is estimated to run several hundred dollars.

On Monday evening, Laeh McHenry's dog Shayna went outside like she typically does. When Laeh went to check on her, her worst fear became a reality.

"There she was lying next to the step that would have let her in," Leah said. "She tried to get up and I noticed her leg was broken and twisted. She was all bloody. It was devastating. I walked her toward the back door, in the backyard and she started screaming, like she was terrified to go back there."

Shayna's injuries were so bad, she had to be put to sleep.

"She didn't deserve to suffer," Leah said. "She was my constant companion for 14 years. In all that time, I never worried or thought something like this could happen. Now, I'm worried it could happen to others."

Southeast Wisconsin is starting to see more coyote activity throughout the area again, since pups are typically born in April.  

It's a good idea to be with your dog whenever it needs to go outside. Coyotes are typically scared away by people.